Discover different places of Prague

A visit to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is not only an experience for local residents, but mainly for tourists from the surrounding countries. There are really many options for where to go and what attractions and sights to visit. In addition to well-known and widely sought-after places such as Charles Bridge or Prague Castle, you can visit other places from which you will also get a great experience.


If you like animals, you can go to the large and wonderful Prague Zoo, which has an eighty-year tradition. In addition, you will enjoy a beautiful walk and it does not matter if you go with children or only with your partner. Another place that is suitable not only for a walk with children and you will get an unforgettable experience from it is the jellyfish museum. It is truly unique in Europe, so it should definitely not be missing from your list of places you want to visit in Prague. You will see that you and possibly your children will be delighted.

If you are looking for something less common and you like adrenaline, then we also have a super type for you. However, leave small children out of this attraction. Visit Prague gun range outbackprague.com. You can try shooting different weapons at different distant targets. If you`ve never been to a shooting range before, you`ll have a great experience and maybe enjoy it so much that you`ll start going shooting regularly.

Prague gun range

There are really a lot of places to visit in Prague. If you plan your visit well, you can see a lot. It depends only on you whether you are more attracted by sights or rather action activities. Whether you decide to go to the Zoo, the shooting range or something else entirely, you will definitely not miss out. You will certainly take away experiences from everything, because every choice regarding visiting places in Prague is the right one.